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Savannah Stoker controller installed on Pit Boss offset smoker firebox. Photo: Reddit. The Savannah Stoker is a BBQ temperature controller that has proved difficult to get hold of, but is widely revered among pellet heads. In this review well take a look at what sets this apart from the competition, and why it should be your next controller. Savannah have claimed that the Stoker is one of the most advanced PID we'll come on to what that means shortly pellet grill temperature controllers out there today.

Get the Savannah Stoker here. It's largely defined as a replacement part for controllers on Traeger wood pellet grills except the Traeger PTGbut can actually be used with pellet grills from a range of different brands. This includes Camp Chef, Pit Boss, and more. However note that you will probably need an adapter add-on to make them fully compatible. This level of heat monitoring helps to give the Stoker better control over cooking levels, while also a quicker reaction time to temperature swings or flareups.

One of the key factors in the Stoker's excellent performance is its use of PID controller. A proportional—integral—derivative PID unit acts through a loop feedback mechanism to not just set temperatures, but also monitor and react to them.

pit boss pid controller

Because of this, PID units tend to be the most accurate and stable types of temperature control. Good examples of other types of PID units are cruise controls systems in cars and even a lot of home ovens.

In the case of PID temperature controllers, the unit works with the input of a temperature sensor and compares that against the preset target temperature that you have dialled in. It will then use this information to react and tweak the temperature in your grill accordingly. Chart showing Savannah Stoker reaction time between temperature settings. Photo: Smoking Meat Forums. Despite all the science above, what really counts is easy of use.

Thankfully, the Stoker is easy to use for newbies and seasoned grillers alike. If the temperature in the smoker or grill chamber drops, the auger will automatically increase its run rate to help make up for the drop in heat.

If you have a Traegar pellet grill then you should be able to plug in and get going in just a few minutes once you have hooked it up and calibrated the thermometer and meat probes. What can add a bit of time is if you need to replace the temperature sensor on the device to make it compatible with your grill.We may earn an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you i f you buy through a link on this page.

Learn more. In a rush? They refer to the same thing. The Camp Chef deluxe is an excellent mid-sized smoker that strikes a perfect balance between quality and value for your dollar. The temperature control is super simple and gives you plenty of options to dial in depending on what you are cooking. With square inches of cooking area plus a square inch rack you can easily fit several racks of ribs at once.

If you need more space you can always upgrade to our top large pick, the SmokePro LUX model, which gives you square inches of cooking space to work with.

The Camp Chef ticks all the boxes you would expect from a pellet grill at this mid-price point. All of the main parts are built with heavy-gauge stainless steel and feel sturdy. Like other pellet smokers you dial in different pre-set temperature settings on the thermostatic controller. If you find yourself grilling often, this makes an excellent addition and turns this into a total do it all cooker.

We struggled to find anything else to fault this grill on. If you want the biggest brand with all the latest features, and your budget can stretch, the Traeger Pro is a great option.

The new Pro also addresses a few common issues with older Traegers.

pit boss pid controller

Namely poor heating speed and difficulty maintaining temperatures. What does this actually mean? Basically the motor can turn the pellet auger faster, which lets you get more fuel into the firepot for faster and hotter cooking.

Savannah Stoker Pellet Grill Controller [Review]

These features used to only come with the top of the range Timberline series, and they make the Pro a great buy in our opinion. You can choose the Pro with either or square inches of cooking space.Take a deep breath now, as you are going to know lots of features in one grill.

This pellet grill is the perfect match for portable experience as the main area of it comes with the sq. Let not forget to share the 10LB hopper accommodation where you can keep 3 whole chickens, 10 burgers all together. It serves you with a versatile form of grilling, baking, smoking, roasting, braising, searing in one place.

Hence you just put the original hardwood pellets.

pit boss pid controller

But before digging deeper into it, let us tell you some main features first, and after that, we will elaborately discuss on them. And, so you are going to have it. Actually, it represents the various cooking methods and the number 8 in 1 is more versatile than the 6 in 1. So like this grill, some of them come with 8 functions. Does it have a PID controller, and how it works? It keeps tracking the inside cooking chamber, reading the data and sending it to the main system so the auger motor controll the speed and maintain the blower fan as well.

Normally pellet grill works like a smoker due to having the pellet grills burning there. But the main thing of it is the perfect electronic pellet grill, and a smoker, where you can see the temp probe, PID controller and automatic electronic auger system. Most positive comes for having the versatile cooking experience.

Users find it a better smoker especially when they toss the smoke items like ribs and brisket. The hopper can take sufficient pellets and the auger is just perfect to process them. So there we found no issues or complications form the users. This is not a core matter of attraction for this grill. The main reason people love to have for the smart temp technology and the PID controller, that maximize the temperature controlling system in the most sophisticated way. Both of them are pellet grills but completely different from one another starting from the cooking surface, and some adding features.

Upgrade your Pelllet Grill to a Pellet Pro® PID Digital Controller - How To

If you ever use any pellet grill then you must know how important it is to maintain the temperature. Besides, it has a smart digital controller that makes it easy to control the temperature, all you need to do is to turn the dial, if necessary. To experience it the best feature is having the 8 in 1 pellet grill where you can bake, grill, roast, smoke, sear, braise and finally taste the BBQ, in just one grill. If you know how a pellet grill performs with electronic mode, then you must know the auger feed, where the pellets come to regulate.

All you need to do is to put enough pellets and see how it burns well. One of the great features of this pellet grill is to have a precise temperature along with consistent heat. Depending on the food you are cooking make sure to toggle at the right temperature. Like the temp probe PID controller, a rare feature comes to it that is not only track the temperature but also control it and make the food tasty. Searing the meat is just perfect and you can enjoy the racks and brisket. More importantly, heat is constant and even for the electronic automatic auger controlling performance.

This pellet grill smoker brings smoky flavor when you toss the food on the surface. The mobility is easy as it is not in bulky size and has durable bigger stainless steel wheels. We have already brought out the cat from the bag, and thus let you know every feature.Why not take a minute to register for your own free account now?

As a member you get free access to all of our forums and posts plus the ability to post your own messages, communicate directly with other members, and much more. Register now!

Which Pellet Grill Smokers Have PID Controllers?(Worth it?)

Already a member? Login at the top of this page to stop seeing this message. I got tired with staying all night long by my Q, just to keep sure it stayed at a stable temperature I looked everywhere for a system, but all of them were more expensive than i could afford The other small parts switches, connectors, jacks, box, Here is the schematic for connecting all the parts And for those of you that like Pr0n The internal parts The outside of the box Here i mounted the fan to the door of the Q For those of you that would like to see the PID in action Hope you enjoyed this read ; Greetings Tom.

Mini Smoker. European Champions. Jack Daniel's Top International Team. It's like your talking French. I did understand any of it, but I looks great. Good job. Originally Posted by Billie. Hi everybody, Smoke in NJ asked me how i built my PID controller and instead of replying in PM i thought I'd share it with all you guys ; Here is the schematic for connecting all the parts Greetings Tom.

Thanks so much.This is designed for people to make their own pellet stove at home or to replace a broken pellet BBQ. This kit comes with ALL the electrical components needed to make a great pellet smoker.

Just attach the pellet hopper to your desired smoker pit and build appropriate Heat Deflector and Drip Tray. These units also work with many of the common pellet stoves, such as Traeger, Pit Boss… an easy way to fix your broken pellet smoker.

Everything is fully assembled… just needs to be attached to your smoker pit and RTD properly placed and installed. These are not included and must be made custom for your project. Please look at a commercial pellet stove brand internals before building your own pellet stove. This will help you with understanding how to design a proper flame guard and drip tray for best results. Holds up to 18 Pounds of Pellets. Black powder coated steel construction. Use your grill at least 6 feet away from any wall or surface.

Use your grill at least 6 feet away from combustible objects that can melt or catch fire such as vinyl or wood siding, fences and overhangs or sources of ignition including pilot lights on water heaters and live electrical appliances. Never use your grill in a building, garage, porch, shed, breezeway or any other enclosed area.

This product can cause property damage and harm to you or possibly death. This unit is a real fire and real barbecue, treat it accordingly. Randy Hulin verified owner — August 12, One of the best companies on the internet to deal with!

Really love my pellet hopper kit…. Paul — April 14, I was skeptical about buying this but I went ahead and bought it. Thank you for this perfect kit for those of us who like to DIY! Thanks again.The KC Combo is a triple threat when you remove the propane griddle and replace it with a set of grill grates to turn the right side into a gas grill. Note: Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links. The grill measures 69 inches wide and 26 inches deep.

From floor to the top of the unit, we measure just over 51 inches in height. The pellet grill boasts sq. The bottom grate brings sq. The doors are heavy compared to the doors on some of the other pellet grills we have here at The Barbecue Lab.

Instead of being a single thickness of metal, the door to each side is double walled with some space in-between giving it a stronger feel and more substantial look.

Each door is made of 12 gauge metal while the grill itself is 14 gauge. The doors are embossed as well, which gives them a unique look. The bottom of the grill serves as a shelf or storage rack that runs the entire width of the grill unit. This shelf is made of cold rolled steel and will hold a significant amount of accessories if you plan on keeping the grill in one place.

The button to turn the lights on and off is on the face of the digital controller, and they make cooking in the dark much easier.

There are two shelves on the KC Combo. The first is a folding front shelf located right in front of the pellet grill. The shelf folds up into place and locks, creating a sturdy surface to work on. There is a release on each side of the shelf that allows you to store the shelf for a smaller overall footprint, and we like that it takes two releases to get the shelf to go down.

The legs are also made of the same cold rolled steel, and are fashioned into an L shape. There are four wheels on the KC Combo, and two are lockable to keep your grill in place. The casters roll easily across solid and even surfaces, but if you need to navigate your way up a lip from the driveway to the garage, prepare for a workout. Straight on at a 90 degree is way harder, so learn from our early mistakes and save yourself some effort. We really like how easy it is to lock and unlock the casters on this unit.

With some of the other grills on the market, you almost have to get down on your knees to lock and unlock the wheels.PID temperature controllers are all the rage in the pellet grilling community and for good reason.

They regulate temperatures differently than a standard, timed control, which helps mitigate temperature swings. In this blog, we will discuss how they work, and which new Pit Boss Grills will feature the latest in PID controller technology for the best grilling experience yet. The P. The controller adds complexity to the simple standard temperature control method of measuring actual temperature and either feeding or restricting fuel to reach the desired temperature.

Whereas a standard controller will time the fuel feed to the burn pot to reach desired temperatures, a PID controller adds in Proportional, Integral, and Derivative variables to control the timing of the feed more precisely. These variables via an algorithm yes, lots of mathadjusts and adapts to not only variances in the set temperature and the desired temperature, but it also anticipates and adjusts to external influences such as environmental factors like heat and wind.

The PID controller senses and adapts to these influences with more speed and precision than a standard temperature controller can which then helps mitigate the internal temperature of the grill. For a more thorough explanation that explains the math involved, visit here. Sure, PID controllers help regulate temperatures and mitigate swings.

Pit Boss Control Board, CAV-01-PID

However, there are some that think that the lack of temperature swings can cause less smoke to be produced. And some people get a pellet grill for the smoky flavor it gives their food. They care less about temperature swings as long as the end product is a juicy, tender, and smoky piece of meat. And yet there are others who have used a PID controlled grill before and prefer the more precise control it gives you. They say that the loss in smoke flavor is miniscule compared to the results they get from even temperature cooking.

pit boss pid controller

At the end of the day, your choice really comes down to personal preference. Fortunately, we here at Pit Boss love to give you options. We make grills with standard controllers as well as other grills with PID controllers. So, you can choose which controller is best for your style of cooking. Manage your grill from the convenience of your phone. The Bluetooth capability works with the fully digital temperature control board, so you receive direct access to the Pellet Alert System and PID temperature control.

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